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Plays for Young Audiences

Marshmallow's Real Friend

Steve and Marshmallow have been sent by the League of Imaginary Friends to intervene with a runaway teen. Will they be able to help the grieving youth?

(3, flexible casting)

(10 minutes)

Publication: Brooklyn Publishers


Hastings St. Cecilia High School

ECASD Memorial High School

MMCRU Community School

Glenrock High School

Iowa City Liberty High school

Lincoln High School

Atlantic High School

Elmwood Speech Team

Mater Dei High School

Andover High School

Waverly-Shell Rock School

Denmark High School

Boyd County High School

Mullen High School

Marion School District

Milton High School

Town School

Buffalo State College

Seoul Players

Artists' Exchange

Mud&Wine Theatre

meatloaf day (New)

A group of high schoolers are ostracized to an allergen free lunch table. Is it a sanctuary or a hellscape? Friendships are tested, alliances are threatened, crushes are outed, and allergy shots are... a possibility?

(3M, 2F)

(15 minutes)

New Play Exchange

Underdogs (New)

Non-athletic younger siblings of star high school athletes seek refuge under the bleachers in the hopes of having a moment to be their true selves.

(2M, 2W)

New Play Exchange

(20 minutes)

Synchronicity (New)

Two high school ballet dancers meet to work on their synchronicity on and off the stage.


New Play Exchange

(10 minutes)

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