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Full Length Plays

A Series of Inelastic Collisions

After the death of her husband, Rain moves in with her estranged son, whose recent religious conversion has brought on major life changes, including fostering two teenagers. Isolated from her family, Rain finds connection and intimacy with the strangers she interacts with while phone-banking for her preferred presidential candidate.

(4W, 3M)

New Play Exchange

Production & Development History:

Workshop, New World Theatre

Virtual Workshop, Landing Theatre

Virtual Production, At Home Artists Project

Virtual Reading, Cue Zero Company


Landing Theatre New American Voices Festival

Eugene O'Neill Semi Finalist

We Will Not Describe the Conversation

Inspired by a missing scene in Crime and Punishment, We Will Not Describe the Conversation follows a massage therapist whose latest client has arrived with the news that her estranged brother has committed a heinous crime--killing an elderly woman with an axe--and is nowhere to be found. The women try to piece together how this happened, while also uncovering their own dark desires and the fear that they will one day turn out like him.

(2W, 1M)

Publication: Concord Theatricals

Production & Development History:

Counterweight Theatre

Palaver Tree Theater

SUNY Geneseo

Patchwork Theatre (Audio Production)

Columbia College (Virtual Production)

Appomattox Regional High School

2cents Theatre Group INK Fest

Stages Theatre

Great Plains Theatre Conference (Development)

Last Frontier Theatre Conference (Development)

Red Theatre (Reading)

The Bechdel Group (Reading)

Storycrafters Studios (Reading)

Massasoit Community College (Reading)

Midtown Direct Rep (Reading)



KCACTF Harold and Mimi Steinberg Award

When Colossus Falls

The Riverview B&B hasn't seen a guest in ages. When one finally arrives, the inhabitants' lives are thrown into a tailspin as they try to figure out who she is, why she’s there, and what she's doing walking through the rubble from a burned down building across the street..

(3W, 1M)

New Play Exchange

Production & Development History:

2cents Theatre Group

New World Theatre

iDiOM Theatre

University of Tulsa (Workshop)

Playwrights on the Park (Reading)


Best Drama 2cents Theatre Festival

Winner, University of Tulsa WomenWorks


A female Iraq war veteran starts to suspect her neighbor is plotting a terrorist attack.

(9, flexible)

New Play Exchange

After Eternity

Somewhere in eternity, a Woman has willed her very own palace into existence. Her world is turned upside-down when a guest suddenly appears, and they are forced to live together as their palace starts to shrink.

(1W, 1M)

New Play Exchange

Production & Development History:

tiny theatre (Virtual Production)

iDiOM Theatre

Access Theatre

3 Brothers Theatre

Secret Theatre Festival

Venus Theatre Festival

True False Theatre (Workshop)

Milk Can Theatre (Reading)


Winner, Best Play, Venus Theatre Festival


Colin’s been dead for the past five years, yet he still lives in his childhood home. When his ex-fiancée brings a new man to meet the family, Colin plans to sabotage the relationship only to find that his presence may not be so invisible after all.

(3W, 4M)

New Play Exchange

Production & Development History:

Old Church Theatre

South Park Theatre

Trustus Theatre

Playwrights Round Table

Mountain Playhouse (Reading)

Tri-State Actors Theatre (Reading)

ArtEffects (Reading)



BroadwayWorld Best Play in South Carolina

Winner, Trustus Theatre Contest

Winner, Mountain Playhouse Comedy Contest


Maggie has to take her beloved car to be junked. En route, she’s visited by the memories of the defining moments of her life. Her car has witnessed love and heartbreak, rejected bad boyfriends, held her in times of great trauma, participated in the creation and destruction of relationships, and maybe, just maybe, it will help her out one last time. 

(2W, 4M)

Publication: Next Stage Press

Productions & Development History:

3 Brothers Theatre

Variations Theatre Group Festival

Alumnae Theatre Group

Manhattan Repertory Theatre Festival

Advice to the Players (Reading)

KCACTF Region II (Reading)


Best Play, Variations Theatre Group

The Brink

Helen and Charlie relive the tragic events of their friends' deaths. In an attempt to figure out what happened and why, they unintentionally reevaluate their own changing relationship.

(4, flexible casting)

Publication: Original Works Publishing

Productions & Development History:

Venus Theatre Festival

Manhattan Rep Theatre Festival

Midwinter Madness Festival

Firehouse Center for the Arts (Reading)

Tri-State Actors Studio (Reading)


Winner, Peter Honegger Prize, Firehouse Center for the Arts

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