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The End

Scripts for season one of a fictional podcast.

The world is drowning. Sea levels have risen so high that people are walking through

water just to get to work and live their daily lives. Those living in poorer areas have it worse—

they must wade or even swim. The only people who live on dry land are the very rich, but even

they may not be able to escape what’s coming: the Big Wave. When it comes, life as humanity

knows it will cease to exist. It will be the end for some, but there’s some hope for those lucky

enough: 1) they can catch one of the Endeavor spaceships orbiting the earth or 2) they can get gill surgery. That’s right. Scientists have invented a surgery that allows people to breathe underwater. But this surgery is expensive, in some cases dangerous, and not available to all.


New Play Exchange




Sweet Bonnie Beau

A short radio drama. 

New Play Exchange

We Will Not Describe the Conversation

A podcast production of the play produced by Patchwork Theatre.


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